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Baby Geniuses

Dr. Elena Kinder, a brilliant and ambitious businesswoman believes that all babies are born possessing vast, universal knowledge and speak a secret yet impossible-to-translate baby pre-language which she calls Babytalk. However, as they grow to the age of 2-3, the knowledge and language are disappeared as the babies cross over by learning how to speak human languages. Together with her partner, Dr. Heep, Kinder does a secret research on a number of orphan babies which they turns into geniuses by their special method to decipher the code to this special language. But when Sly, the ultimate genius of these baby geniuses, escapes from her lab into the outside world in order to find way to rescue the baby geniuses and take down Dr. Kinder's vilainous plan, the two scientists must at any price get him back before he blows the lid off of their secret forever.

Duration: 97 min

Quality: SD

Release: 1999

IMDb: 2.5

00:00 97:00